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Retained vs. Contingent Executive Search: Which Is Better for Hiring Marketing and Sales Staff?

retained executive searchIf you currently are thinking about hiring an executive recruitment agency to look for marketing and sales staff for your company, then you have to be aware that there are two different ways to ago about this. These are the contingent executive search firms and the retained executive search firms.

A contingent executive search firm, which will be looking for prospects for other companies at the same time they are looking for yours, will only have to be paid if you will hire a prospect they have presented to you. A retained executive search firm on the other hand, will be working exclusively for you. As such, you will be paying for their services regardless of the length of time that it takes them to come up with job candidates for you.

One Search Firm as Opposed to a Group of Firms

If you are thinking that hiring more than one firm will get you more possible candidates for the job offering… think again. Having a number of search firms working for you will mean you won’t get the same quality and attention that you would with just one search firm. This means the pool of recommend potential candidates may not meet the needs you have as far as the quality of potentials.

If you really want to get the best results, then you must go for the retained search firm, which will work exclusively for you. With this, you are not only guaranteed to get the best possible prospects, but you will also be getting your money’s worth because with a likely faster job placement. The number of resources that a single search retained search firm would dedicate to you would be greater than with a contingent executive search firm.

The Best Retained Executive Search Firm for Your Company

If you want to get the best retained executive search firm to find your staff for you, then go for the one that is known for finding the best pool of highly skilled job candidates. They should have a reputation for delivering quality instead of quantity – this means the retained search firm pays more attention to what you need as a company and then matching the skills of their prospect to this need – instead of just focusing on earning the big bucks.

When hiring a retained executive search firm, you must be prepared to build a relationship with them. This is because recruitment firms of this type don’t just work at getting the best possible job candidates for you, they also work at getting to know your company better so that they will better understand your needs. They will be looking into the type of skills that you want your marketing and sales staff to have, so that they can base their search on this. As such, you can expect the roster of prospects that a retained search firm will present to you will be composed of individuals who could meet and exceed the qualifications you have set for the job offering.