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How the Retained Search Process For Employee Hunting Works

business_womanHiring a retained search firm to aid you in finding prospective employees, especially for senior-level management positions in your company, is not something that you should jump into. You need to be making an informed decision when it comes to answering questions like what retained search can actually do? How can they help me fill my vacancies? It’s best to know of the retained recruiting process because once you are aware of the criteria they use in finding job candidates, you will understand how helpful they will be when it comes to finding the highly skilled professionals you want in your employee roster.

The Meaning Behind Retained Search

You have to understand that retained search is actually a procedure utilized by executive recruiting firms in screening prospective job candidates. This process is intended for professionals with high skill levels to find new employment opportunities. As such, you can expect retained search firms to present only job candidates who are exceptionally skilled in what they, including outstanding track records and employment history.

How Retained Search Firms Do Their Job

There is a set criteria being used by recruitment firms when it comes to performing the retained search process. This is so they can get the best possible candidates for the job vacancies they need to fill. The first thing that these retained search firms usually do is find out more about the company that has hired to fine employees. This will not only give them an idea of the kind of company they are working for, but also provide them with better insight about how to fill their job vacancies. Because of this, job candidates will also have a better grasp of the job that is being offered to them.

To find the right kind of prospects, retained search firms look in existing areas and organizations. They also utilize an extensive research database of prospective employees that have been specifically made for the purpose of retained recruiting. They go into the process of screening these prospects; not only making contact with them, but also looking into their qualifications and track records. Once they find someone who is interested in the job position, these firms will then do an exhaustive evaluation of the candidate so he or she can be prepared to deal with the job vacancy. This evaluation usually consists of performance assessments and interviews on past jobs dealing with the same work background. The compatibility of a prospective employee with that of her employer will be evaluated as well.

The End Result of the Retained Search Process

The company that hired a retained search firm will only be contacted once prospective job candidates have been found. At that time, there will be typically three or four of the best prospects presented to the employer for consideration. Once a prospect is hired, the retained search firm will then make a follow-up on the candidate’s progress to ensure everything went smoothly.

Now, if you will consider the lengthy process by which retained recruiting is done, you can fully appreciate the time and effort that retained search firms will save you. It’s the fastest and efficient way to fill your vacancies with skilled people who can really do the job. You will be able to rest assured that your money is only spent on paying the best employees out there.