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Be Informed About How Retained Search Works

retained executive searchThe task of finding employees for your company becomes harder as your business grows. The hardest task is to find ways you can make hiring employees easier. One of the easiest ways to deal with getting additional manpower is hiring a search firm. There are a number of ways by which these firms operate, but one of the best ways is through retained executive search, especially if you are looking for people to fill in top-level executive positions.

However, just as nothing is ever easy with running a business, the same holds true for hiring retained search firms. Therefore it would be best that you arm yourself with information about retained search before you go about looking for retained search firms that can possibly find suitable employees for you.

Retained Search: An Overview

Retained search is actually a process utilized by recruitment firms in screening employees or job candidates. This process was created so that professionals who are highly skilled can find better work opportunities. Effective sites like www.executiverecruitmentfirms.net that utilize the retained search process are able to present potential employees that are highly skilled with great track records. But if you think that doing a retained search is easy for these recruitment firms… think again. Good retained search firms follow a number of steps so that they can find the the best candidates for any given job vacancy.

Steps in the Retained Search Process

Step 1.

A retained search firm works at understanding the needs of the company they are doing retained recruiting for. This does not only allow retained search firms to know more about the company that hired them, but it will also give them an idea on what skills are needed for the vacancies they need filled. As such, job candidates will already have an idea on what the job is all about.

Step 2:

A retained search firm presents the only the kind of job candidates that the hiring company is looking for. Because they have already researched the needs of the companies that hired them, the next thing for these retained search firms to do is to look into industries and organizations where they can probably locate the most appropriate talent. They also maintain a database of possible job candidates that are designed primarily for the retained search process. Although there is a great chance that the job candidate is already working for another company, these firms still present the opportunity to the candidates incase he or she is interested in a new job.
Step 3:

The screening process is finished after the best possible candidates have been found. During this time the job candidates will be contacted, and of course their qualifications and track record will be closely scrutinized. The candidates will be told about the opportunity and asked about their potential interest in the vacant position.
Step 4: A rigorous evaluation is then done on the candidates who express their interest in the job offering. A retained search firm will conduct interviews and do assessments once a candidate expresses her interest on a job offering. This is done through intense evaluation of the candidate’s performance in other jobs with similar backgrounds. Evaluations are also done on the employee and employer compatibility of a candidate as well as his or her potentiality in the coming days.

Once a retained search firm has already followed these steps, it will then contact the employer about the possible job candidates. Usually three or four potentials will be presented for consideration. If the retained search has proved to be successful, then the next and last step for the retained search firms will be to do a follow-up on the candidates’ progress in their new jobs.

So if you are planning to hire a retained search firm in looking for possible employees for your company, use these tips so you can be sure this recruiting tool that works to your advantage. Getting employees will not only be easy for you, but you also would have saved the time and effort it would have taken for your company to have done the job yourself.

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