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Reasons to Use a Retained Executive Search Firm

Are you considering using the services of a retained executive search firm in your quest for a new executive for your company? If so, you may be wondering whether the investment is truly “worth it.” Many successful companies swear by their search firm of choice when it comes to finding new executives with a minimum of fuss. Why? Here are a few reasons why you should use a retained executive search firm:

  • They will help you find the best executive for the job. These search professionals will take the time to understand your industry, your specific company, and the nature of the vacancy in question. They will search until they find the ideal candidate – a true “perfect match” for the position. Unless you are trained in the executive search process, you will be hard-pressed to match their level of professionalism and thoroughness.
  • They will save you time. In addition to searching for a new executive to round out your company, you’re also a busy, working professional yourself. This means that conducting such a search on your own means that you’ll be taking valuable time out of your daily schedule to review resumes, conduct background checks, schedule interviews, and so forth – time that you simply don’t have to spare. With the aid of a retained search expert, you can save yourself countless hours – and just as many headaches!
  • They will be discreet. It’s highly possible that the best candidate for your executive-level position is already working as an executive – at a rival company. How could you go about approaching such an individual without appearing tactless or uncouth? A retained search firm, on the other hand, has the connections and skills to find you the best candidates, no matter where they are, with the utmost discretion.

For these reasons and countless others, a retained search firm is your best bet if you need a new executive for your company.