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So How Does Retained Search Work?

As a business, it is important for you to understand the process retained search firms use to find potential candidates for your specified position. Understanding the entire process and the expectations will only help it go by smoother.

The First Step

The first step for any retained search firm is working towards an understanding of your company as well as the exact criteria you are looking for for your position in need. Any information you provide them during this step will only help the process and its recommended that you be as specific as possible when defining your criteria.

The Second Step:

Once the criteria is established, the search firm will scan their enormous databases of potential prospects and extract only the ones that have the all the qualifications you are looking for. This is where having a well-defined criteria comes in handy.
The Third Step:

Here the applicants they’ve selected will be screened and interviewed by the search firm to further narrow down the search. Following this step only the best of the best applicants will remain and be ready to be presented to you.

Once a retained search firm has already followed these steps, it will then contact the employer about the possible job candidates. Usually three or four potentials will be presented for consideration. If the retained search has proved to be successful, then the next and last step for the retained search firms will be to do a follow-up on the candidates’ progress in their new jobs.