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Recruiting: Retained Vs Contingency

Once your company has made the wise decision of calling upon an experienced recruiting agency to handle its recruitment process, it then becomes time to decide which type of recruiting firm to use. In order to make the best choice for your company its important to understand the differences between the two.

Contingency Recruiting

The first thing to consider when deciding which route to go is the salary level of the position or positions your trying to fill. If the salary is lower than $100,000 a year, contingency recruiting is the more appropriate option. This type of recruiting is good for filling positions quickly and effectively. Due to this, in a sense, they are less involved. This allows your company to conduct their own screening process, or at least be much more involved in the process if you desire. If any of this applies to your company, contingency recruiting is the way to go.

Retained Recruiting

As mentioned previously, once the salary level of the position in need is determined, deciding between the two types of recruiting is relatively straight forward in most cases. If the salary of the position you’re looking to fill is greater than $100,000 dollars, retained recruiting will more than likely be the appropriate choice. Retained recruiting places more focus on not just finding qualified individuals but rather the most qualified individual for the job. Due to this, they are better when you’re looking to replace a high-level executive, rather than a bunch of multiple mid-level positions.